“Los Cuerudos”, from the “Tradición Chagoya” became the southern highlanders of the State of Oaxaca, an armed revolutionary group named for their custom of wearing elegant and flashy leather jackets, they fought in defense of the property and sovereignty of the State, becoming worthy ambassadors of the tradition, courage, and authenticity that characterize mezcal from Oaxaca.

Jorge Chagoya, the first link to “Tradición Chagoya” became the primary producer of mezcal in the region at the young age of 17, he didn’t hesitate to join the ranks of Cuerudos.

Shoulder to shoulder Jorge fought with “Los Cuerudos” to defend their Lands from the invasion of the rival soldiers. Unfortunately, nothing more of Jorge is known, although his spirit is still present “five generations later in the popularity of the finest mezcal in the state of Oaxaca: “Los Cuerudos”.

Cuerudos, please!

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